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My First Lisp Compiler

There’s a lot of liberty to be expressed in programming a project for which you’ll be the only consumer. Really, the same could be said of any task performed purely for yourself.

I am a one-semester, community-college dropout, a self-taught fool. Judged on a coarse scale, I don’t regret this – I am content with my life. However, there are a few features of higher education which I have felt that I truly am less for missing out on, trials and endeavors that lend a certain amount of seasoning to the spirit. Some of it is purely social, and some of it is curriculum.

Divining the Left-Handed Future in Python

Composing words is hard. Too much to tell, too many ideas; they all run together. Okay, let’s start from here and now, and I can work my way backwards in later posts. This is my own fault for not writing up all my projects as I was actually working on them. Ah well!

Let’s start with looking at Python bytecode to detect how the results from a function call will be consumed, and what we can do with that knowledge.

Withscope and Uggo the Warrior

My Thanksgiving vacation draws to a close. It is 11PM on a Sunday night, and tomorrow morning I will haul my carcass back down to my desk and log in to work and get back to the grind. The days are once again depressingly short, and I must combat the darkness by soaking up as much sunlight as possible. It becomes difficult to see the sun at all – wake up, walk downstairs into the home office, and stay there until the workday is done.

Summer Madness

Spring and Summer happened. I’m still in shock that they’ve already gone by and Autumn has arrived.

I haven’t been keeping record of my doings and thinkings, which now seems short-sighted. Let’s use this post as a TODO, marking up the activites of warm weather that I need to write about!

Winter Sadness

I enjoy the sun on my face. In warm weather I step outside to greet the day, shirtless with my arms stretched far over my head and my face turned to the sun. I dwell on the bright light that comes through my shut eyes, and I breathe and let myself be warmed. When I relax and stretch to touch my toes, I open my eyes and the world is transformed and blue, and I’m happy.

I am lucky to live in North Carolina. The winters come to visit still, but they do not stay as long as they do in my home town in upstate New York. The sky is almost always white or grey up there.

This winter has been harder than any I recall in the past.