is a pile of bits

Brake Reassembly

The new seal kit and the replacement brake pistons arrived! I had spent some of last night cleaning the caliper as best I could.

Clutch Work

I got a bit more work done on Uggo, this past Friday. It was more of a struggle than it really ought to be, getting myself moving and collected enough to work on anything. I think that I may be suffering from a bit of seasonal depression. Either that or the monumental, overwhelming dread of returning to work is getting to me. Whatever it is, I eventually conquered it enough to drag my tools out to the bike and get my hands dirty.

Holiday Work on Uggo

My holiday PTO is rapidly coming to an end. I did not get nearly as much work done on the VT500FT as I had intended. The weather has been rainy and cold, and the decreased sunlight exposure is definitely getting to me. I’ve made some good progress on a few important aspects though, so I will share those.

Introducing Uggo

I picked up something to work on over the holidays, courtesy of craigslist. Ladies and gentlemen, Uggo.

RSY Beauty Megaphone

I’ve been wanting a new exhaust for Tux for a while now. The factory muffler is enormous, heavy, tends towards rust at the end, and is almost silent.

I’d tried out the inexpensive slip-on Mini-Norton from Dime City Cycles, but it was too flipping loud (distractingly so while moving) and it required a full stack of adapters (and tape!) to make it fit Tux’s exhaust pipe. It also required me to craft a bar to support it from the frame, which left it somewhat unstable, putting more force than I’d really wanted on the exhaust header screws. I ran with it for a day, but had to retire it due to the sheer ear-wrecking volume.

Some time later I happened to run across photos of the RSY Beauty. It’s designed specifically for the TU250x, and rated at a sensible 89dB. Promising!

I ordered it from Web!ke as an early Christmas present for myself, and was surprised to discover upon its arrival that it was actually a full exhaust system, not just the muffler. The exhaust header is stainless steel to match the muffler. It has some built-in baffling just after the port for the lambda probe. The muffler itself has only a minor cage baffle, and is very lightweight. It has a tab that fits with the existing mounting bracket perfectly. It’s louder than the original muffler (which was ridiculously quiet), but not ear-bleedingly so like the Mini-Norton was. It has an overall pleasant tone, nothing too tinny or sputtering. It does suffer from an occasional roll-off pop, but that isn’t a huge deal.

I recorded a short video of my kicking Tux over so people could get a feeling for how she sounds now.

I’m considering wrapping the pipe in black, since it seems to shed a lot more heat than the original pipe had done. It went blue-gold in less than a day! I’ll have to think about it.