is a pile of bits

Weather and Backtracking

Spring should be arriving any moment now, and indeed there are hints of warmth and green coming soon. Those glimpses of a happy future are punctuated with an almost spiteful enthusiasm by incredibly gross weather. “Gross” is definitely the right word for it. The temperature will drop 30 degrees (F) overnight, and a harsh gusting wind will bring rain and occasionally sleet. The sky becomes dim and grey. You find yourself bundled up against it, wondering if the previous day’s open heavens and friendly sunshine were just part of a fever dream.

Brine on the Wire

I realized while hacking on the test cases for the promises multiprocess module that it would be really useful if I could easily pass along anonymous functions. So I threw together a new queues module for brine that provides some Queue subclasses which automatically brine/unbrine any passed work.

This got me to thinking about the potential for sending code between processes, or even between machines. Certainly powerful, but also hazardous.

Delivering on Promises

It’s beautiful, this fine sunny Sunday. Zoe is outside playing with the neighbors and I’m relaxing in the breeze. I’m working on a bit of clean-up coding from yesterday’s hacking session on python-promises. I had finally gotten around to writing a unit test harness for the XML-RPC multicall promise bits. I was so excited to have that working that I charged through writing tests and fixing bugs for the multiprocess and multithread modules as well. Before I knew it, my promises module was looking darn-near worthy of a 1.0

Eggs and Bacon

Let me tell you about breakfast.

I woke up this morning, and immediately started hacking on brine, finally revamping the last major issue that had been bothering me. Whipped up the unit tests to cover the new changes. Blam, pushed.