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Barrels of Brine

I’ve been very happy spending my evenings working with a small project entitled python-brine. The code is relatively straight-forward, the functionality and goals are well-defined. Put simply, brine allows you to pickle actual python code. For a significantly more in-depth explanation, click the above link and peruse the README.

I Wrote Up My Todo List

I started to write up a TODO/Idea list as a page, and now I am overwhelmed by how many things there are that I wanted to work on. And I know that there are more than what I could think to list at this moment…

Gist - Output of Spexy_try

Because it’s Friday night and I have nothing else going on, I’ve been hacking away at Spexy again. It remains an utterly insane body of work, which no clear-minded individual should approach with a straight face.