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Surprise, There Are Users

My motorcycle is in the shop this morning. I ride a little TU250x that I call “Tux”. I bought her for myself as a birthday present last year, and have put a little over 6000 miles on her since. She’s a good bike, and I take a lot of pleasure in our rides together. I perform the majority of her maintenance myself – oil, chain, valves, electrical. But one thing I didn’t want to do was replace and balance the tires, so I’m paying the guys at Team Powersports to do it.

While Tux is off getting new tires, my daughter and I are sitting on the back porch. She has been reading Rurouni Kenshin for the first time, and I have been working on the documentation for python-promises.

I recently discovered, much to my surprise, that promises has a user. Possibly more than one. This is crazy to me because of all my projects promises has the most direct competition. It’s also one I decided not to publish on PyPI (for the very reason of the previously mentioned competing modules). It would appear that indeed the very act of publishing code publicly will draw someone to use it. I had maintained doubt about this rule, but I will have to take this new anecdote in stride.

Oh dear. I hope that doesn’t mean Spexy has users…

This new-found user has turned out to be very useful. They’ve already provided excellent and insightful feedback, which in turn has blossomed into new features. I can only hope that my other projects will over time gather attention of similar quality.

Perhaps I’ll rethink promises a bit more. After I give it a good hard look I’ll reconsider if maybe – just maybe – I ought to publish it to PyPI after all.