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Summer Madness

Spring and Summer happened. I’m still in shock that they’ve already gone by and Autumn has arrived.

I haven’t been keeping record of my doings and thinkings, which now seems short-sighted. Let’s use this post as a TODO, marking up the activites of warm weather that I need to write about!

Winter Sadness

I enjoy the sun on my face. In warm weather I step outside to greet the day, shirtless with my arms stretched far over my head and my face turned to the sun. I dwell on the bright light that comes through my shut eyes, and I breathe and let myself be warmed. When I relax and stretch to touch my toes, I open my eyes and the world is transformed and blue, and I’m happy.

I am lucky to live in North Carolina. The winters come to visit still, but they do not stay as long as they do in my home town in upstate New York. The sky is almost always white or grey up there.

This winter has been harder than any I recall in the past.

Brake Reassembly

The new seal kit and the replacement brake pistons arrived! I had spent some of last night cleaning the caliper as best I could.

Clutch Work

I got a bit more work done on Uggo, this past Friday. It was more of a struggle than it really ought to be, getting myself moving and collected enough to work on anything. I think that I may be suffering from a bit of seasonal depression. Either that or the monumental, overwhelming dread of returning to work is getting to me. Whatever it is, I eventually conquered it enough to drag my tools out to the bike and get my hands dirty.

Holiday Work on Uggo

My holiday PTO is rapidly coming to an end. I did not get nearly as much work done on the VT500FT as I had intended. The weather has been rainy and cold, and the decreased sunlight exposure is definitely getting to me. I’ve made some good progress on a few important aspects though, so I will share those.