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The Eero6 Mistake

I made a mistake. I’m rectifying the mistake now, but I want to share my experiences with you in the hopes that the information I gained while sorting through my folly may be interesting or enlightening in some way.

I bought into the eero6.

Meanwhile Again

In 1999 I was working for IBM. Instant messaging was “in” and there were new clients appearing regularly. AOL’s was dominant, but there was also a strong ICQ user base, Yahoo was putting forth an effort, and Jabber had a lot of promise. At IBM, there was an internal effort to use this otherwise unknown service named “VP Buddy.”

My First Lisp Compiler

There’s a lot of liberty to be expressed in programming a project for which you’ll be the only consumer. Really, the same could be said of any task performed purely for yourself.

I am a one-semester, community-college dropout, a self-taught fool. Judged on a coarse scale, I don’t regret this – I am content with my life. However, there are a few features of higher education which I have felt that I truly am less for missing out on, trials and endeavors that lend a certain amount of seasoning to the spirit. Some of it is purely social, and some of it is curriculum.

Divining the Left-Handed Future in Python

Composing words is hard. Too much to tell, too many ideas; they all run together. Okay, let’s start from here and now, and I can work my way backwards in later posts. This is my own fault for not writing up all my projects as I was actually working on them. Ah well!

Let’s start with looking at Python bytecode to detect how the results from a function call will be consumed, and what we can do with that knowledge.

Withscope and Uggo the Warrior

My Thanksgiving vacation draws to a close. It is 11PM on a Sunday night, and tomorrow morning I will haul my carcass back down to my desk and log in to work and get back to the grind. The days are once again depressingly short, and I must combat the darkness by soaking up as much sunlight as possible. It becomes difficult to see the sun at all – wake up, walk downstairs into the home office, and stay there until the workday is done.