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Well How About Octopress Instead?

I was a bit unhappy with how JekyllBootstrap was turning out, so now I’m playing around with Octopress.

It’s taken me a little over a week to get this looking something like an actual blog. I have no idea why the default layout is so nutty (huge fonts, etc).

I’m using the tag-pages and tag-cloud plugins. I’m a little bit baffled as to why post tagging behavior wasn’t included with Octopress as a baseline feature.

I want to use the gist plugin, but it’s currently rendering code blocks terribly wrong, so I’m reduced to inserting the gists directly in any posts I write. This of course has its pros and cons. I am not reliant on a bit of javascript and the gist site itself to display my snippets, but I am also no longer receiving live updates if I make any changes.

I’ve imported my scant few Tumblr posts, and have gone through the tweaks to make them work in this blog. I believe that I shall now abandon Tumblr in favor of posting here…