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Delivering on Promises

It’s beautiful, this fine sunny Sunday. Zoe is outside playing with the neighbors and I’m relaxing in the breeze. I’m working on a bit of clean-up coding from yesterday’s hacking session on python-promises. I had finally gotten around to writing a unit test harness for the XML-RPC multicall promise bits. I was so excited to have that working that I charged through writing tests and fixing bugs for the multiprocess and multithread modules as well. Before I knew it, my promises module was looking darn-near worthy of a 1.0

As I had done before with brine I went ahead and set up travis.ci and coveralls.io hooks. I am still astounded (and grateful) that there’s such infrastructure available gratis to the open source community.

I’ve also started the more tedious task of going through the docstrings and getting them into the format that numpydocs and sphinx are expecting. I need to write up significantly more examples for the documentation. That can be what I work on in the evenings in bed, this week.

I’ll let the project sit for a bit, and see if anything else crops up that needs changing. But if all goes well, I think I’ll be tagging version 1.0.0 soon, and posting the module up on PyPI.