is a pile of bits

brainstorms and todos

There are so many things that I’d like to work on or play around with as time permits. My interests and focus are as mercurial as my personality.

these are in no meaningful order


custom voxel adventure/simulation game

I started playing around in OpenGL a few years ago, using PyGame. I’d really like to combine that work with some of the minecraft server ideas I have and turn it into an actual, real game.

However, I’m also driven to make mudblock a simple and strong engine. Basically, I saw minecraft and have been bothered by it ever since. Missing chunks, bandwidth consumption, lag… there are all these little nigglets that I have which are all concerned with how the game and server deals with its data. I want to start from a solid base of how the world data is distributed (replicated?), then move on to how the event model can be cleaned up. Then we’ll see if I can’t mix in a “proper” physics engine (ODE).

It’s a pipe-dream… but it’s the game I want to play. Maybe minecraft will evolve more as time goes by and it will fill this space for me, but I still could end up hacking on it just because I flipping love reinventing things from my own perspective.


world of warcraft addon

I need to clean up the whoseaura addon. Ever since they introduced the consolidated buffs I’ve been annoyed that the tooltips don’t show. I’d like to see who can provide a consolidated buff, if one is missing. And if it’s not missing, I’d like to see who is providing it. Currently the tooltip index doesn’t match up with the UnitAura index, so it’s never getting the right caster. Bothersome!


lisp dialect that compiles to python

I imported this a few days ago from an old CVS checkout. It’s currently living in GitHub in a non-working state. I’d love to get my brain wrapped around this and really get it working.

More on sibilant

python call/cc

reified continuations in python

I’ve been meaning to look into this for years now, but I never get around to it. Depending on how the Python stack is constructed and implemented, it just might be possible to reify and capture the continuation at a point in execution… and then call it again later!

It seems like such a glorious hack, I really need to devote the time to it.

jekyll bootstrap theme

because this site is currently weird

I’m using the Twitter JB theme right now, and it’s been a real bastard. There are all sorts of weird spots where things aren’t variables (but they ought to be) so I’ve already had to modify it. Like the copyright… it was hardcoded to 2012. And the tagline field was never used, each page just statically displayed the text “Page Tagline”.

Well I want to set up a front page that shows my most recent 3 blog entries (that aren’t tagged with “personal”), merges in my most recent Twitter posts, and then jumps to a brief “About” page.

I want to create a second rss feed, and filter the default one. The default should omit any of the “personal” posts just like the front page does. The second rss feed can include the whole collection.

I want pages to support tags, not just posts. When I look at the tags view, I want any static pages that I’ve written up to be listed as well!

I’m considering discarding the “categories” concept entirely, and just going with tags all the way. I think if I need to namespace things, I’ll just make them sub-pages and use that as my organization method.

workspace on GitHub

a meta git repo

Since I’ve got devel directories on a number of different machines, I wondered if it might not be a good idea to setup some sort of “workspace” concept, which was itself stored in git. The idea being that I could sync the workspace repo, and it would do some magic to automatically create all the other repos I use (perhaps with –bare by default). This would get me a common layout across the three machines I commonly use, and would make it easy to get setup on a new machine as well. Maybe there is already something that does this?

move off of tumblr

control freak

I think once I’ve got the theme working on this site, as well as the various rss feeds, etc (and mobile?) I should drop my tumblr and move it all over here. I really like the idea of how re-hostable Jekyll is… if github decides to go evil tomorrow evening, I could change DNS and set up my own repo hosting and stand up a webserver that hosts the exact same content. I do not like being beholden to Tumblr…


lotus sametime library

I’ve not worked on the meanwhile project since 2006 or 2007. After I left IBM, it just became less and less of a priority since I wasn’t faced with having to use a Sametime server on a daily basis.

Before I effectively abandoned the only project I’ve ever owned that had actual users, I had been working on a meanwhile2 concept. GObject-based services, re-thought-out message structures, and a significantly more development friendly set of headers and functions. And Python bindings! Glorious Python bindings!

It would be very interesting to sit down with the current state of the Sametime protocol (I know that the Sametime devs abuse and misuse Sametime… the flipping thing has feature negotiation built-in and they don’t actually use it, what’s that about?) and see if I can’t get up to feature parity. I’m sure the few remaining users would love that! And I’m certain the Sametime team at IBM would not! Win-win!

Also, and this one is a big one… I’ve always wanted to write a proxy from Sametime to XMPP. As in, a tool to allow an established Sametime user installation to seamlessly migrate off of Lotus and onto a Jabber server. Users could begin migrating to different clients, but the stubborn ones could continue using their Sametime client with the proxy. That would be quite a thing.

home message bus

personal internet of things

I really want to set up an AMQ server at home, and start having all my different machines and devices start talking to it. There are so many different notifications that I am interested in (temperature, weather, chat, mail, doorbell, electricity consumption, mailbox, motion detectors, landline phone, network status, my coffee pot…)

I want to observe and log EVERYTHING.

And encrypt the everloving shit out of it, because it’s my data and nobody else’s!

migrate preoccupied.net mail to google apps

because I’m a lazy admin

I am tired of maintaining the firewall list and software updates for my mail server. Especially since I’m just .forward-ing all my mail to my gmail account anyway! Let’s cut out the middleman. If I ever need to move back to self-hosting, I can. But right now I don’t want to do it anymore.

I’d also consider collapsing the number of rackspace images I had, if this were to happen. The cost savings of fewer images and reduced bandwidth consumption may just offset the monthly cost of two or three google account users, while at the same time providing the benefit of not having to spend time on admin duties for the mail server. Sheesh.

go-pro on my tux

the tu250x I’m currently dating

I’ve been interested in playing around with ride-recording. Just a go-pro mount and iMovie, basically. Seems like a simple setup to manage, but I have to invest real dollars in the hardware. Perhaps come spring this will seem more viable.

triple-tree leather guard

what’s better than a tux wrapped in leather

also it would be neat if I could put together some kind of cover or wrap for the top of the tripple-tree on the tux. Something that allowed access to the starter key and let the neutral and fuel indicators show through, but that kept the other key on that keyring from scraping things up.