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My Motorcycles
Tux and Uggo

I currently own three motorcycles. I most frequently ride a fantastic piece of Japanese machinery, the Suzuki TU250x. I also have a beater/project bike, a 1984 Honda VT500FT. It’s in rough condition, but it was inexpensive and I think it will be a lot of fun to fix. The third bike is a wonderful Suzuki GT250 from 1976, a two-stroke twin that is hella fun to ride.

2013 Suzuki TU250x, Tux

Fuel injected, SOHC, air-cooled – 249cc of pure joy. Mine came from Team Powersports in Raleigh. I’ve made a few modifications so far, but apart from the possibility of a custom seat soem day I think I’m about done changing her up.

I would love to pick up the classic-styled front and rear fender from Japan and to get the whole bike painted a nice deep Oxblood and cream two-tone. Maybe that can be a five-year present?

I’m interested in some of the air and battery relocation jobs I’ve seen others do. I admire the minimalist look that results.

A Frankentux might be a fun idea, too.

1984 Honda VT500FT, Uggo

I snagged the Uggo in December of 2014 after she caught my eye on craigslist. She’s as ugly as the nickname implies, but there’s a certain charm that I find very appealing. She needs so much work, but that’s all of the fun really.

500cc, liquid cooled, v-twin, shaft-driven. Plastic bits that scream “look at me, I’m from the 80s” and some seriously worn components. I think she wants to become a cafe bike or perhaps a flat tracker. We shall have to see.

She came to me as a hot mess, but now she’s hauling ass.

1976 Suzuki GT250, Gertie Peanut

A wonderful two stroke twin from the era of the best bikes, I am very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to snag this bike.

More about Gertie

1994 Tomos Targa

This is actually Zoe’s bike, not mine. For her birthday in 2015 I bought her a 49cc two-stroke moped. It needed some love, but was functional from day one. Zoe loves it, but she’s only allowed to take it on back roads until she’s older. So far she claims to have gotten it up to 31 mph, an impressive feat!