is a pile of bits

that I happen to work on

I work on a number of “mad scientist” projects whenever the fancy strikes me. I’ve probably used that idiom incorrectly. I re-invent things because it’s fun. I also find that it’s a great way to viscerally learn why certain approaches are taken; running into the pitfalls and mistakes on your own then crawling your way back out of the mess. It gives an excellent perspective.

Motorcycle Projects

I have a fantastic little motorcycle, let me tell you all about her!

Project Ideas

Massive disaster of ideas

Python Projects

I’ve enjoyed working in Python more than any other language I’ve yet run across. Thus it’s unsurprising that I use it whenever there’s an opportunity to do so!

Bukkit Plugins

I’ve put together a number of Bukkit plugins that we used to employ on the minecraft.preoccupied.net (which is currently offline).

  • bukkit-utils Utility classes used by the rest of my plugins
  • bukkit-worlds Simplified plugin for providing multi-world loading
  • bukkit-dispenser Adds features to the Dispenser block. For the most part this is now obsolete, as many of these functions made it into minecraft-proper.
  • bukkit-places Adds locations, graveyards, and home and visit commands
  • bukkit-weather Adds weather control, with per-world configuration
  • bukkit-warp Makes nether portals into flexible teleporters
  • bukkit-want Adds convenient names and aliases for giving items to players, including packs of multiple items.

Warcraft Addons

Some ultra-tiny addons for World of Warcraft, distributed here for friends, not hosted elsewhere.

Old Stuff

Interests change as time goes by.

  • Pidgin - I used to contribute to the Pidgin project, specifically in the arena of Sametime support.
  • Meanwhile - This was the library for communicating with a Sametime server. Reverse engineered from packet captures. Good times, but alas I no longer have to use Sametime, so I no longer am driven to keep this up-to-date.
  • JaMUD - Back in 2000 I used to hack at writing a MUD server. It never got very far, but it was entertaining.